The Top 10 Most Haunted Ghost Towns In America

During the 1800s, thousands of people migrated west in search of a better life. Some never made it to their destination, though. 

Tragically, they died along the way or were left behind when their wagon trains broke up. Today, these ghost towns are abandoned and haunted by the memories of those who once lived there. 

Ghost towns are abandoned settlements that were once thriving communities but have since been deserted.
Visiting ghost towns can be dangerous due to the unstable and hazardous buildings and structures.
People visit ghost towns for various reasons, including exploring and learning about history, experiencing the eerie atmosphere, and satisfying their curiosity about abandoned places.
Ghost towns offer a glimpse into the past and the lives of the people who once inhabited them.
While some people believe that ghost towns are haunted, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Here are 10 haunted ghost towns across America for you to explore with friends or loved ones:

St. Elmo, Colorado

St. Elmo was a silver mining town that was established in 1867 and is now a ghost town since 1942. It’s located near Central City and Georgetown, so it’s not too far from Denver or Colorado Springs. 

The declining population of St. Elmo was due to the silver crash at the end of the 19th century; however, it is now a tourist attraction and you can go hiking there if you’re interested in seeing some old mineshafts!

Jerome, Arizona

Founded in 1876 and once the richest copper mine in Arizona, Jerome is now a small town known for its ghost town status. Many of its buildings have been restored and turned into hotels, bars and restaurants. 

The former jail has become a museum while others are used as residences. In 1980 it was designated as a National Historic Landmark. If you’re looking for ghosts, Jerome’s got them in spades!

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Steve Canyon, California

Founded in 1848 and named after the nearby canyon, Steve Canyon was once a bustling gold mining town. Its population reached a peak of 1000 people in 1880 before starting to decline as the gold became less plentiful.

Today, this ghost town is a California Historical Landmark and hosts regular tours by rangers from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It also features one of the most interesting legends about haunted places in America: The mysterious disappearance of two men who were searching for lost Spanish treasure in 1853.

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Nevada City, Montana

There are many ghost towns in the United States, but Nevada City is one of the most haunted. It was founded in 1863 by miners looking for gold. 

The town was booming until 1864, when it became flooded with so many people that there wasn’t enough room for everyone to live there anymore. The town started to die out after that and now only a few buildings remain standing at the site of what once was a prosperous mining town.

The residents have reported seeing ghosts walking around Nevada City and hearing strange noises coming from inside those buildings still standing today. 

Even though it’s been decades since anyone lived at this location, some believe their spirits are still wandering around trying to find their homes again after being forced away by an overcrowded population!

Bodie, California

Bodie is the most visited ghost town in California, and it’s easy to see why.

With its history as a mining town dating back to 1859, it’s no wonder that Bodie has become a popular destination for tourists. 

It was once the second largest city in California! But after the mines began to run dry in the late 19th century, many of its residents relocated elsewhere or left for work elsewhere. 

The town eventually became abandoned by 1900 when the last residents left their homes behind in search of greener pastures. 

Nowadays, visitors can explore what remains at their leisure—and they’ll enjoy being able to tell others about how they explored this haunted ghost town!

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Hopetown, Virginia

Hopetown is a small town in Virginia with a population of just under 300 people, but it has the distinction of being one of the most haunted ghost towns in America.

The town was founded by James Hutton, who moved to the area from Scotland and then built a house there in 1733. He called it “Hope,” which is where the name Hopetown comes from today. 

In 1848, Gold was discovered on his land and he sold it to investors who started an all-out mining operation there. 

They named their new mine “Hopeton” after Hutton’s former home and began digging for gold as he watched over them (and presumably protected them from harm).

By 1851, about 1500 people had moved into Hopetown mostly miners and their families but disaster struck when fire broke out at one end of town while an earthquake hit at another end; over 1000 people died either from burns or falling debris during that tragedy alone! 

Afterward many survivors left town because they felt unsafe living among so many ghosts; others stayed behind to try their luck again with mining operations elsewhere around Virginia’s mountainside countryside (which we’ll discuss next).

Garnet, Montana

Garnet is a ghost town in Jefferson County, Montana, United States. It was named for the garnet lode discovered here in the 1880s. 

The town was founded in 1882 by the Montana Gold and Silver Mining Company and was originally called “Camp Baker”. 

Garnet’s post office existed from 1886 until 1906 when it was closed as a result of dwindling commerce brought on by repeated fires that destroyed most buildings and businesses in the community.

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Thurmond, West Virginia

Thurmond, West Virginia, is a ghost town that was abandoned in the 1970s after its coal reserves were depleted. The town is now protected by the state and can only be accessed by guided tour groups.

The site has been featured on several paranormal shows for its reputation for being haunted by several spirits. 

One of these is an old woman who stands at the top of an abandoned mine shaft, watching over passersby as if she owns it herself. 

Another spirit that haunts Thurmond’s streets is a young girl dressed in white who tends to appear when children are present so that they may play with her but only if they promise not to tell anyone about their time spent together. 

There have also been reports of a haunting by a Civil War soldier who walks around town looking for his lost love while carrying her picture inside his jacket pocket.

Dogtown, Massachusetts

This tiny village in the town of Taunton, Massachusetts was founded in 1636. The town was named after the large number of dogs that were buried there. 

In its heyday, Dogtown had over 40 residents and boasted several shops and businesses. Today it’s home to only a few dozen people and most of them live on the outskirts.

If you’re visiting Dogtown today, make sure not to go into its cemetery unless you’re ready for some company! Ghosts of dead dogs are said to roam through its well-groomed trails at night looking for their owners or other spirits who may be willing to play with them.

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Bannack, Montana

Bannack is a ghost town in Montana that used to be a bustling mining town. It was once the capital of Montana and still stands as one of the state’s most significant historical landmarks. 

The town is also known for its haunted history, which has contributed to its popularity among paranormal enthusiasts.


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“Ghost towns are more than just abandoned places; they are windows into the past and the lives of the people who once inhabited them. Our article on ghost towns: abandoned places with a dark past explores the history and legacy of these intriguing and haunting sites.”

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What are ghost towns?

Ghost towns are abandoned settlements or towns that were once thriving communities but have since been deserted due to various reasons, such as economic decline or natural disasters.

Why do people visit ghost towns?

People visit ghost towns for various reasons, such as to explore and learn about history, to experience the eerie and haunting atmosphere, or to satisfy their curiosity about abandoned places.

Are ghost towns dangerous to visit?

Visiting ghost towns can be dangerous, as the buildings and structures may be unstable or hazardous. It’s important to take necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines when exploring these abandoned places.

Can you stay overnight in a ghost town?

Some ghost towns offer accommodations for visitors, such as lodges or campsites. However, it’s important to check with local authorities or property owners before attempting to stay overnight in a ghost town.

Are ghost towns haunted?

While some people believe that ghost towns are haunted by ghosts or spirits, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. However, the eerie atmosphere and sense of history that permeates these abandoned places can be a draw for those interested in the paranormal.